This post is a video recap of the short blog series on church branding. In this series we’ve looked at why you should care about your church’s brand? This coaching session was designed specifically for the team at Lawton First Assembly and it covers the basic philosophy behind church branding. You can review the entire series below.

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Your church doesn’t have to be on Pinterest. But your church does need to consider a communications strategy that includes the fastest growing website in history.

“In February (2012) Pinterest drove more traffic to websites than Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined.” – Fortune

My goal in this coaching video is to help you evaluate and improve your current strategy.  The video is segmented into three parts:

Part 1 – For leaders, creatives and pastors who probably will never use Pinterest
Part 2 – For churches who are ready to make their website Pin friendly
Part 3 – For churches who are looking for ideas to engage the Pinterest community

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RWB_Branding_Alignment_InitialSystemsThis is post #8 in a short series on church branding.  In the last post we talked about how the early stages of developing a brand are primarily characterized by responding to problems. In this post we’ll discuss moving from response based brand activity to setting up initial systems to support your church’s brand.

Have you ever spent a hot summer watering a lawn, dragging around that sprinkler?  You’re basically responding to brown patches of dieing grass and it’s exhausting. After failing at it for a couple years I decided to have a sprinkler system installed.  Now I manage the water at a control unit, but the rest is pretty much automated.  That’s the power of a system.  The same is true with your brand.  If you want to quit reacting to problems, you’ll need to install some systems.

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